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Coaches Corner

Welcome Coaches

Here you will find information about how to register to coach with the West Madison Polar Caps. Be sure to register with USA Hockey first and obtain your confirmation number.

You will also find information in the Coaches Corner about practice planning, training, rule changes, etc.

If you have any questions about coaching, please reach out to our coaching contacts below.

Peter Brenner

ACE / Director of Hockey

Phone: 608-224-9331

Jed White

VP Competitive Coaching

Phone: 608-333-1505

Joey Frayne

VP In-House Coaching

Phone: 563-564-6545

Andrew Osmond

Goalie Coordinator

Phone: 608-347-6163

Requirements for Coaching

Below are steps that need to be followed in order to coach with the West Madison Youth Hockey Association. Note that all expenses incurred as a registered coach will be reimbursed and should be submitted to the club’s treasurer.

Step 1. USA Hockey Registration
Go to USA Hockey Registration and register as a coach. Be sure to SAVE a copy of your confirmation code. You will need the confirmation number in next step. The registration fee for USA Hockey is $46 plus Affiliate fee. Your registration fee will be reimbursed as long as you are on a team roster as a coach for the season.

Step 2. Polar Caps Registration
Go to the 2021-2022 Coaches registration form on this website and complete your registration. Note the box you check for the club to check your background doesn’t satisfy our requirements. See step 3.

Step 3. Background Screening
Complete a background check which can be found on USA Hockey’s website. Follow this link:

Step 4. SafeSport
Complete SafeSport training which can be found on USA Hockey’s website. Follow this link:

NOTE: Background checks and SafeSport are only good for two years. In order for them to count towards the following year, they need to be done after April 1st. Otherwise they count for the previous two years. If you have a question about your background screening or SafeSport status, please contact a member of the Coaching Committee listed on this page.

Step 5. Age Specific Module
Complete the age level specific online module required for the level you are coaching. You must complete each module PRIOR to participating with your team or being placed on a roster. Coaches must be current members of USA Hockey in order to register for the modules. Follow this link:

Step 6. CEP Level Course
Register and attend the appropriate USA Coaching Education Program (CEP). Follow this link:

NOTE: You can find these locations on USA Hockey’s website along with your information and where you stand in regards to levels and modules completed. Age level online modules never expire!


Background Checks and SafeSport need to be completed prior to stepping on the ice. This includes preseason.

Online Modules/CEP Clinics need to be completed by December 31st.

Understanding USA Hockey’s coaching requirements:

Level 1 in your Coaching Education Program is the first step in the program which allows you to coach any level as long as it’s not EXPIRED and you have completed the age level specific module. If your Level 1 is expired, you can still coach through RWB level of play. Once you start coaching Squirt level of play, you need to attend a Level 2 clinic.

Once you complete Level 2, USA Hockey expects you to take Level 3 the following year. Once Level 3 expires, you can take an online recertification class. This can be done two times. After the second expiration and you still plan on coaching, you will need to attend a Level 4 clinic which has no expiration.

NOTE: USA Hockey will not allow you to take multiple levels in one year or skip to a higher level.

Thank you for your commitment to coaching hockey with the West Madison Polar Caps.

Go Caps!

USA Hockey Body Checking Rules

More contact, less impact at younger levels.

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Biser Skating Clinic

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