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Frequently Asked Questions

2022-2023 Season FAQs

Question: What happens if the season gets cancelled by health authorities due to COVID-19?

Answer: Any remaining monthly payments will be cancelled at that point.

Question: Why are Polar Caps fees for Travel hockey higher this season? What do they include?

Answer: Our registration fees include the cost of two tournaments for Travel hockey teams. We include more practice ice and game ice compared to other local clubs. Also, please note that our ice fees for all of our hockey programs have remained higher this year in comparison to previous years due to some of the limitations and safety procedures with COVID-19.

Question: What happens if a player registers and starts skating, but then decides to opt out of participating due to concerns about the status of COVID-19 or for other reasons?

Answer: Any remaining monthly payments will be cancelled. Please note that unless the season is cancelled by health authorities, there will be no refunds for Travel hockey players once teams are formed.

Question: What happens if a tournament is cancelled for a team?

Answer: If there is a cancellation and the club is refunded, the tournament fee will be refunded in turn to the team manager to use as the team sees fit.

Question: How are we going to fulfill our DIBS volunteer requirements for this year?

Answer: We will have a number of volunteer hours available to help with the concession stand, fundraising events, and various team and club functions.

Question: How will the travel frequency and distance for games and tournaments be impacted this season for Travel teams?

Answer: While that is unknown exactly at this time, we're anticipating that it will be similar to prior years Travel hockey seasons with a normal mix of home games, local area games, and travel games throughout Wisconsin and neighboring states.

Question: What if we want to play hockey this year but have concerns about travel for games and tournaments?

Answer: Obviously, traveling for the game and tournament play that is part of a normal Travel hockey team season continues to be a legitimate concern this year. We are assessing those options as carefully as possible for the Travel teams. If families do not feel comfortable with that level of travel, they are encouraged to participate with our House teams for 10U, 12U, and 14U as part of our in-house program.

Question: Are the expectations and time commitments for playing Travel hockey compared to House hockey different this season?

Answer: While there may continue to be some differences for our Travel team hockey from previous seasons, the expectations are the same for players consistently participating as part of a team in all of the on ice practices, off-ice training, and games. Travel hockey does require a greater time commitment with more practices, more games, and more training.