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Outdoor Rink

Outdoor Ice Rink at MIA

Schedule During the Week:

During the weekdays, the outdoor rink will mostly be used for team practices. The ice times during the week Monday to Friday will typically be:

  • 5:00-6:00pm
  • 6:00-7:00pm
  • 7:00-8:00pm
  • 8:00-9:00pm

If we determine that weather conditions are not good that day for use of the outdoor rink for practices, we will send out an email communication by 3:00pm and update the calendar.

Schedule On the Weekends AND HOLIDAYS:

The outdoor rink will be open for use by Polar Caps coaches and players during the weekend and holidays. Coaches may book time on the outdoor ice using the Sign Ups below for each month. You can select one or more time slots and select the groups or teams who will be using it. This helps us update the Polar Caps calendar to let people know about the outdoor ice times.

If you have a question about scheduling on the outdoor rink or would like to book the ice for a different day/time from what is available in the Sign Ups, please contact Jay Uhlinger.

Rink Safety:

  • No shooting on the boards. The boards are old and fragile and the netting is designed to protect parked vehicles and not to retain pucks shot at high speed.
  • No checking is permitted.
  • We will stock wood for the fire pit. Parents and coaches are responsible for lighting and tending the fire pit -- not the kids.
  • The fire pit needs to be extinguished with snow at the end of use. Do not leave the fire unattended.
  • Helmets are required at all times when kids are skating on the outdoor ice including when shoveling.
  • Kids walking out to the outdoor rink should have skate guards on or change into their skates outside. Watch out for kids crawling from the indoor rink to the outdoor rink.

Rink Maintenance:

  • Please plan enough time before you end to have your team help shovel off the ice before the next team starts.
  • If you are the first team out there for the 5pm ice time and it has snowed, please give yourself some extra time to shovel off the snow ahead. Also clear snow off along the top of the boards. Ask parents to help out.
  • The ice surface needs to be completely clear of snow, particularly before any resurfacing. Practice will need to end 10 minutes prior to the changeover to permit this.
  • Please clear all pucks off the ice before resurfacing and when you are done using them. Put pucks away in the shed.
  • Do not try to shovel off or chip away any ice that may build up outside of the rink along the boards. That could damage some of the coils that run right up under the edges of the boards along the sides.
  • Do not shovel in the fenced off areas at the corners of the rink. They are blocked off on purpose to protect the coils that extend under the boards.
  • Please shovel off and sweep clear the area in front of the doors, benches, and shed.
  • If you do not clear the snow away from the hinge side of the Zamboni doors, they will not close properly. If the Zamboni door is hard to shut or the metal bar doesn’t line up easily, the hinges need to be cleaned. Do NOT force them shut.
  • When you are shoveling off the ice, please put all snow on the rock piles to keep the entrance to the rink and seating area clear.
  • Please put all shovels and equipment away back in the shed when you are done using it. Keep the shed clean and limit the amount of practice equipment stored there.
  • Only Mac Helseth or volunteers trained by Mac will be resurfacing with the Bambini and adjusting the compressor.
  • If you notice a problem with the compressor or outdoor rink, please let Mac Helseth know as soon as possible.

We are planning to clear the ice of any larger snowfall over 2 inches ahead of time before 5pm.

Outdoor Ice Culture:

In general the outdoor rink is the designated club pond hockey or “shinny" surface.  Although a Polar Caps coach will provide general oversight and will be required to be in attendance,  the outdoor touches particularly on the weekends will generally be opportunities for the kids to divide up teams and oversee their own games of pick-up hockey. 

If you have a question about practice planning ideas on the outdoor rink, please contact Scott Meskin.


A lighted puck for evening use is fun if you have one to bring.


Order Dasher Board Sign for Outdoor Rink

You can purchase a dasher board sign on the Outdoor Ice Rink.

  • 1/2 dasher board for families starts at $250
  • Full sign for business advertising at $1000
  • We can provide graphic design assistance
  • Orders typically fulfilled in less than two weeks

Proceeds go to support our Hockey is 4 Life program.

Please contact Jen Baer to place an order or for additional questions.