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Registration for 2018-2019 Season is Open

Select Register Online from the menu for registration information for skaters and coaches for the 2018-2019 season. Or click the link below to go directly to the skater or coach registration form.

Skater Registration

Coach Registration

Train with the Minnesota Wild's Skating Coaches

Have your Polar Caps skater train with ProEdge Power, the skating coaches for the Minnesota Wild. Power skating camp will take place on October 6 and 7, 2018 at Madison Ice Arena.

Link to brochure for more information

Preseason Ice and Tryouts for 2018-2019 Season

I hope everyone is having a great summer! It was a priority for the Polar Caps to determine the preseason ice and tryouts schedule earlier than we have in the past seasons.

On the calendar and listed below, you will find Preseason Ice times for Squirts, Pee Wees and Bantams and Tryout dates for Squirts and Pee Wees.

More information to come for Bantam Tryouts,  Competitive Team Goalie Tryouts, RWB (expected to start on 10/22/2018), Cross Ice and Initiation.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.

Kim Anderson
Practice Ice Scheduler

Squirt Preseason Ice:

09/11/18, 06:45-8:15PM
09/12/18, 05:30-7:00PM
09/17/18, 06:20-7:20PM 2009’s
09/17/18, 07:30-8:30PM 2008’s
09/19/18, 05:30-7:00PM
09/24/18, 06:20-7:20PM 2009's
09/24/18, 07:30-8:30PM 2008's
09/26/18, 05:30-7:00PM
10/01/18, 06:20-7:20PM 2009’s
10/01/18, 07:30-8:30PM 2008’s
10/03/18, 05:30-7:00PM

Squirt Tryouts:

10/10/18, 05:00-6:00PM Group 1 (groups will be determined at a later date)
10/10/18, 06:15-7:15PM Group 2
10/12/18, 06:45-7:45PM Group 1
10/12/18, 08:00-9:00PM Group2
10/13/18, 04:45-6:15PM Final Tryout -- Teams selected 10/13/18

Pee Wee Preseason Ice:

09/10/18, 07:15-8:45PM
09/12/18, 07:15-8:45PM
09/18/18, 06:45-8:15PM
09/19/18, 07:15-8:45PM
09/25/18, 06:45-8:15PM
09/26/18, 07:15-8:45PM
10/02/18, 07:45-9:15PM
10/03/18, 07:15-8:45PM

Pee Wee Tryouts:

10/09/18, 06:45-7:45PM Group 1 (groups will be determined at a later date)
10/09/18, 08:00-9:00PM Group 2
10/10/18, 07:30-8:30PM Group 1
10/10/18, 08:45-9:45PM Group 2
10/13/18, 06:30-8:00PM Final Tryout -- Teams selected 10/13/18

Bantam Preseason Ice:

09/11/18, 08:30-9:30PM
09/13/18, 09:00-10:00PM
09/18/18, 08:30-9:30PM
09/20/18, 09:00-10:00PM
09/25/18, 08:30-9:30PM
09/27/18, 09:00-10:00PM
10/01/18, 07:15-8:15PM
10/04/18, 07:45-8:45PM
10/11/18, 09:00-10:00PM
10/13/18, 08:15-9:45PM

Goalie Tryouts for Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam

10/11/18,  6:15-7:45PM on Studio Rink